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So I can only speak from my personal experience.

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I also do not buy anything that can be faked from grey market. It is just one of those things. You are just asking for trouble by doing so. I have been to the mall and bought stuff in person. Camera gear, TV box, coloured stuff, iPads etc. Not had any issues. If I am staying in HK for a couple weeks I know I can go to the people in person and sort it out there and then. I also can understand that they will be more inclined to deny after care services from their global sales.

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But again, selling to UK market is clearly very lucrative. Anyways buy with credit card and PayPal to certain extent afford you with some protection. It's not irrelevant. Delivery took forever and only after I opened the Paypal case and they kept sending totally fake tracking and delivery info. This has been the experience of many people. It was only later when I noticed their address that I chuckled to myself in disbelief.

It's so amusing to me how one of those tiny litle box room shops I visited are pretending to be this massive global business - it's akin to 2 friends operating from a bedroom pretending to be someone like Currys PC World. Alot of people would never buy from them in a million years if they knew what is behind the storefront.

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I'm not saying they sell fake goods - although it certainly wouldn't surprise me. They have countless negative reviews online, so your argument that if they ever did anything wrong would mean they would be finished is certainly not true. Many people have no clue when they buy fakes - I've ended up buying fake samsung stuff right here in the UK and I'm super careful with my purchases and research everything. I only knew for sure that my Samsung stuff was fake when I noticed it was constantly burning hot and took it apart.

The more expensive it is, the more worthwhile it is for them to fake it.

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Anyway, after realising where E-Global Central are based, I fully understood why they never answered any emails or the Paypal case and as you said, their prices are not cheap at all given the real prices over there. Also, I remember most people in those shops couldn't speak any English when I was there.

Hong Kong prices for locals are ludicrously cheap most people from the UK would never believe it.

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Much cheaper than everything they are charging on their website - it also bugs me that they are selling non-uk versions of stuff at those expensive prices. I remember you could buy UK versions of stuff in those tiny shops if you spent a bit more and they were still massively cheaper than UK prices - so it's not like they couldn't source stuff like that for UK customers if they really had to - they are just trying to make as much money as possible by sending out cheaper chinese versions of everything to International customers. Been there bought stuff and know what you saying. The price they are charging clearly is a lot higher than local HK price.

However if they ever sell fake stuff, they will loose a relatively lucrative revenue very quickly. It just takes review that says stuff is fake to close the business. One thing to note is that I have not heard anybody is faking these head phones or any other mid to high end ones.

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There might be similar styling that does similar job but obviously not to the same functionality. Your comments are useful insight for someone to visit the mall in HK to buy stuff but completely irrelevant here. Fidelio X2 mainly. I use SonarWorks now so the chance of sibilance with these has gone.

At the time I had the i's I had the HD's too. A few sony cameras were years ahead of their time eg.

Completely different type of camera. The Fz82 is a bridge camera with a tiny sensor, this is a pocket sized camera with a large sensor. I know right? Think it was quid or something but that was a long time ago, I sold several for double what I paid so I guess it turned out a good buy I'm past justifying my purchase, it's paid for itself twenty times, just stating to the haters who've never owned one that it's ace. And I think too many people blindly follow what they're told in reviews, DXO-anoraks are the worse offenders.

If you think a zoom lens is close to a prime its end of convo for me as you clearly dont know what your talking about and I said I was after a wide zoom so there is only one lens that fits my needs, if I had a choice I'd be going for something far better than the Watching a dozen or so lens reviews over 7 years will not take up any of my photo taking time. Is this TV not 4k? To describe it as "full HD" is a bit odd these days.

At least two other deals on here today for larger screens which are 4k and from more reputable sellers than a third party on Game's site. Not sure the appeal of this one unless I'm missing something? Reviews on Google for this model have put me off. Deal temperatures are the heart of hotukdeals If you think a deal is hot, vote it up by clicking the red plus. Otherwise, cool it down by voting cold. Read what other members have to say about a deal and share your own opinion. Have you found a good deal yourself? Share it here and other members will vote on how hot the deal is.

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