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  • Phone Number. Number of Adults. But when it comes to booking, timing is crucial. The later you book, the cheaper, but this means limited choice. If you can't book late, book as early as possible — savings are possible, if it's early enough. Don't forget about the powerhouse weapon that everyone has the ability to use — the art of haggling.

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    If you've decided on the DIY route, it's worth remembering that generally the earlier you book flights, the better. The closer it gets to the departure date, airlines hike prices to take advantage of the business folk they can rely on to pay top dollar at the last minute. Never assume one price fits all for a hotel or room. Start by putting details into a comparison site and sorting hotels by price to instantly see who's offering stays for less.

    You can also bag a luxury bargain uncovering secret hotels. It's not just the hire car itself that can eat into your spending money. You'll also be charged overnight parking costs at Disney Hotels although you'll still be able to get free parking at the theme parks as a Disney Hotel guests.

    If you're hiring for a long stay and already have a sat-nav, it may be cheaper to buy US map software before you go, and take the console with you. If you're at one of the other Disney parks, you can go to a Guest Services centre. This will guarantee you special treatment from Disney characters and lots of birthday greetings. Plus we've heard of some MoneySavers sporting the buttons while eating out in a restaurant being offered free dessert or cake.

    Don't wear the button with the expectation of being showered with freebies — but combine it with a winning smile and it can't hurt your chances. This doesn't just work on your birthday, either.

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    Anniversary and 'Just Married' buttons are also available, as well as generic 'I'm Celebrating' badges for other special occasions. Brits are huge buyers of holidays and property in Florida, so a lucrative market's sprung up there to try to flog us timeshare properties. A common way to draw people in is to offer pricey park tickets for free. You'll usually need to meet certain criteria eg, have a credit card, or be aged A timeshare's much more expensive than a ticket for Mickey.

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    • Though many have reported finding timeshare ticket offers online and on holiday, there's always the risk you may not manage to find one while you're there. So be prepared to pay for tickets separately if this is the case.

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      If you've got kids in tow, or you're staying far from the parks, it's likely you'll want to hire a car during your trip. Yet never leave this until you get to Florida, as the earlier you book, the more you'll usually save. Once you've found the right deal, don't just go with the excess insurance it offers — these are often hugely inflated. It's all about Priceline's 'name your own' price function, where you pick a city area and star level, name your price and see if any hotels accept it.

      Of course the aim's to find the minimum acceptable price, so start low, then keep raising your bid till it's accepted, but you can ONLY bid once a day. There are techniques to get more bids per day, either by bidding with a partner or adding more areas of a city. It's also home to the Lego Imagination Centre. Parks near Orlando boast hiking trails, fishing and wildlife — if you head to one of the lakes you might even glimpse Florida's second-most famous resident after Mickey Work out where you're going before you get there and you'll make far better use of your entry fee than if you have to spend the first hour squinting at a map.

      You won't be able to see and do everything theme parks have to offer, so a little time spent planning is well worth it:. Grab a free Disney guide booklet. It includes fold-out mini-maps of the parks and info about what to see and do. Arrive early to beat the queues. Give yourself the best chance of avoiding the rush-hour park traffic. Get an early night if you can, set your alarm and get in before the busiest tourist footfall arrives. Work out the real travel time. Distances given from accommodation to parks can be misleading.

      Take it easy. Try to cram too much in while you're there and you'll end up exhausted and broke. Remember, the point of going is to have fun!

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      Watch out for these when you get to Florida, where you can often find discounts for local restaurants, shops and attractions. Check local free sheets and visitor information centres, or ask at your hotel — and don't forget to check your receipts when you buy anything in Orlando, as they may list codes for further discounts.

      Resorts offer a range of sport and leisure activities as well as the usual rides and attractions — including golf, kayaking and bike rentals. Yet you're usually able to find exactly the same activity for far cheaper offsite, as long as you're able to travel a short distance. Prices vary so always compare to make sure you've got the best deal. NEVER leave buying travel cash till the airport.

      They know you're a captive customer, so give hideous deals even pre-ordering and picking up at the airport boosts it. The tool lists all the big currencies, and also lets you see who's cheapest for exchanging any unused dollars back to pounds when you get back if you've any left!

      If you don't fancy battling for a sun-lounger each morning, villas offer space for large groups of friends, or families with kids who need to let off steam. The bonus with these is that, as a rule of thumb, the larger the group, the bigger the per-person saving, so they're great if there's a party of you visiting Florida. You book directly with an owner though, so there's less protection.

      Also be careful how you pay. One MoneySaver reports:. Make sure you haggle and definitely don't take the first price they tell you. Most property owners will knock money off. The year before last, we got a much bigger place than we expected just by pushing them.